OK folks, scanned documents at trailing-edge.com now have a more permanent home here at http://scandocs.trailing-edge.com/. Clicking on any of the documents below will take you to a page of thumbnails; you can then click on any thumbnail to get the full page resized to fit the width of your browser window. If you want to get the page in full 300DPI glory (2550 pixels wide), you can click on the "full resolution" link there.

By its nature this is not a very text-browser-friendly site. Sorry, lynx-users.

Note that PDF files are not currently available. My perception is that folks generally use the web to browse documents, and I believe that requiring someone to download a 20 or 100 Mbyte PDF file just to see a single page is not the proper use of a web site. So individual pages are displayed as PNG's. I don't believe that PDF or Adobe are evil; I just don't see a need for them here. If you disagree, feel free to E-mail me (shoppa at trailing-edge.com).

If you want to download all the pages from any (or all) scanned documents here, feel free to use wget or your favorite web-sucking tool.

TOPS-10 manuals

TOPS-20 manuals


DECUS Abstracts

Micro PDP-11